Friday, November 2, 2012

Intro to Game Design


  • To plan, design and create a quality video game(s). 


11/2 /12 

  • Read article, "Game Design for Dummies" This is NOT a commentary.") 
  • Preview software for which would work best for your game idea.
  • Preview games . .
    • What makes these games engaging? What is the hook factor? 
    • What is the goal/objective? 
    • Setting? 
    • Characters? 

Email me,
  • A list of brainstormed game ideas
  • The software you are thinking about using

  • Start story boarding your game . . .Paper is in the back by the printer.
    • What is the general goal?
    • Who are the main characters? Bad guys? Good guys?
    • What is the setting? Will it change?
    • How many lives, levels, etc. will there be? Health?
    • Will you have reward objects - extra lives, points, etc. 
    • How will the characters advance through the game? Get from level to level, room to room, world to world?
  • Remember the "Angry Bird" rule . . . Keep it simple and so easy that you can pick it up and play it without a lot of explanation. 
  • When your story board is finished, conference with Mrs. Larson. 
  • Begin learning, exploring the software you will use to create your game. 
    • Youtube
    • Drop Box (Gamemaker) 
    • In software tutorials 
  • Start simple - learn the software, then create your game. You will be a lot less frustrated.

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