Monday, May 19, 2014

Sub Plans - Monday 5/19/14

Hi Guys! I am home with a sick kido today, here is the game plan . . .

FIRST priority is to make up any MAP tests that have been missed. 
As you work on your other assignments, please be respectful of those still testing.

Goal: Reading/Mouse/Website navigation practice

3rd, 5th & 6th Grades 
Activity: TTL4 or (ONLY if you are finished with TTL4) a typing activity below (Pick one and stick with it, don't hop around.)
Goal: Keyboarding practice

Remember to sit up straight, keep your fingers glued to the home row and eyes on the screen.
Use your time well! Do your best. 

PLEASE NOTE:  No typing competitions today . . . we don't want to disturb those testing. Thanks! 

These are a few of my favorites . . .
A few quick general Computer Lab notes:
We will award two BOB's for May to make up for the BOBs we missed this month due to MAP testing.
We will finish up turning in our Scratch projects later this week and continue work on our Minecraft neighborhoods.