Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Non Profit Project

Assignment #5 - Reflection Statement - WHY? Write a brief reflective paragraph about why you selected your nonprofit  topic.

I decided on selling hot cocoa to raise  money for water projects in Haiti because it is an immediate and desperate need for so many people there. My family is very involved in the workings of our water shed and system here in Portland, and as a result, I have become very interested in water quality issues and well projects for Haiti.
I also LOVE hot cocoa on cold, winter days and thought it would be a fun way for WHCS students to warm up at lunch/carpool and raise money for much needed clean water projects at the same time. 

Non Profit Project

Assignment #4 - Non-profit Mission Statement
Design a brief mission statement that answers the following questions:
·         What do you want to do as a nonprofit? What is your goal?
·         Who do you want to serve: local/global, kids/adults etc.
·         How are you as a nonprofit, going to accomplish this?


Make Your Mission Statement Stand Out by Following These Simple Tips
By, Joanne Fritz

There is a right way and a wrong way to write a nonprofit mission statement. Nonprofit mission statements should not sound as if they were written by a committee, nor should they be filled with jargon. Your nonprofit mission statement should be written in the language your audience speaks and be capable of inspiring it.

So, let's start with the basics.
What Is a Nonprofit Mission Statement?
Every nonprofit organization must have a mission statement. It describes the purpose for which your organization exists.
Without a clear mission statement, your nonprofit may drift off course. With one, you can measure every activity against it. It will keep you clear-headed and out of trouble.

A great nonprofit mission statement is also a great branding tool. Use it to promote your organization and to help convey the essence of what you are all about.

Essentially, your mission is your goal--your reason for being.

Try answering the question, "Why did I start this organization?" The answer will be your first try at writing your mission statement.

Pay attention to writing a clear, succinct, and inspiring mission statement. It will pay off in the end and keep you from wasting time and resources on non-essential activities.

The Benefits of a Well-Defined Nonprofit Mission Statement
•It focuses your energy and clarifies your purpose. When you try to write your mission statement, you will find that you have to really define what you are going to do. Many questions will come up that must be resolved. For instance, who will you serve? Are you concerned about just your local area? Or the whole state? Be careful to keep your mission narrowly focused to ensure that you don't bite off more than you can chew.
•Write short and only what you need. The best mission statements are short and state the obvious. Your statement's length and complexity depends on what your organization wants to do, but keep it as brief as possible. You should be able to use the statement frequently, so make it brief and succinct.

As Tony Ponderis of the Fund-Raising Forum says, the mission statement should be . .
"...short enough to remember and easily communicate. Strong enough to inspire."

Hot Cocoa 4 Haiti is a non-profit that aims to raise money, through the sale of hot cocoa. This money will be donated to specific nonprofit organizations who specialize and are actively working towards restoring and building Haiti’s water infrastructure, providing clean water to the people of Haiti.